Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend *cough* Update.

Been sick this weekend. (I need an antivirus upgrade. and a USB port in my head. wifi would be nice, too.)

I got my AVRopendous board plugged in - the demo works in Ubuntu 8.10 - if you put it behind a USB hub. If I wasn't sick I would have the AVR programmer code in there long before now, but it's still not in there. I'm thinking of doing one simple enhancement - it would work as a serial port *until* you hit the HWB button, allowing this + an ATmega168 to work as an arduino-type board... with bootstrapping capability.

I have a couple more boards on the way, so I can dedicate one or two to a particular role. They're quite flexible and pretty small (not as small as the FTDI USB breakouts, but more flexible ;) )

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