Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I think my first 'real' project will be a WacomADB->USB conversion using the AVRopendous to turn the ADB tablet data into serial tablet data, which can then be picked up by Linux and Mac (TabletMagic) drivers at the very least.

There's enough documentation out there to do this - there's an ADB version of TabletMagic, and I can use that as a roadmap to getting the data out and converting it into what the serial version's data would look like.

A USB HID + newer tablet emulation might be possible, but probably quite a bit more work (as the datastream would have to be updated), and I'm not sure if Wacom would appreciate me 'borrowing' their USB device ID's, which would be needed for the native OS drivers to work. A far better target would be any standard HID extensions for tablets, which appear to be picked up by Vista at least. If MacOS and Linux can use it, that would really be the way to go. If it fits in 12K of ROM, that is...

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Tropical Screamer said...

Yipes. Just reading the explanation makes my head spin. As always, you're one step ahead of the curve. I can hardly wait to see what you come up with.