Thursday, November 27, 2008

Getting a bit better at soldering now. The really-soldering part of the tip still looks fine, btw, so at least I'm getting a bit of time in between tips.

Things to do:


- Timer based video generation for gcc/arduino. The stuff that does it right is using the Atmel compiler, so the code won't move straight over.

- SPI serial terminal/comm driver for avrdude (the multi-platform and multi-hardware AVR programming software), for when you've got the AVR actually running and don't care to add any more parts for comm. There's a clock output and both input and output pins. Something can be made out of that, right?

- Implement the SIC-20? Doubt I'll have time to do a BASIC, but maybe something like the Atari 800's memo pad...

- There's no ADB code to get AVR's talking to old, unloved Apple keyboards and Wacom tablets. I could fix that.

- Work on a US version of C-Key and have fun with the VIC-20 keyboard (when I can make boards?)


- I need some conductive paint/ink for perfboards. I've got some upcoming projects where soldering wire on perfboards would utterly suck (think DB-34 floppy connectors). Not that it doesn't already. There are a couple of options - MG makes "liquid silver", and I'm hearing windshield wiper repair paint is good, too. Heck, OSH might have something.

- Find/wire up the right plug for a parallel port plugin, so I can get a proper "dapa"-style AVR programming circuit going. I think I need to find/buy a solder-type DB-25 male connector for this.

- Get more breakaway pin strips. Including female ones which apparently do not exist near home.

- Get a second breadboard so I can have more projects on at once (it'd be good to separate interfaces... such as RCA jacks, from the AVR+parallel port circuit)

- Get pre-wired jumper cables... 1x1, 1x2, 1x3. Cutting regular wire is easy, crimping and pinning it kinda sucks.


- Try not to get bogged down with anything so I can get to the really cool stuff. Like PCB design so I can start using the really cool chips like $2.xx AVR's with real USB, and ARM microcontrollers...

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