Thursday, November 27, 2008

Trying to learn how to solder...

And making newb mistakes left and right. I tried to build an AVR-USB board (epic fail - I forgot to wet the sponge), then a USB resistor set on a prototyping board, which also failed.

So this morning I decided to just do something a bit more straightforward... putting new caps in one of my Dell e153fp monitors - I got them cheaply as surplus... each of them works nicely... for about two seconds. As expected, there were busted caps, so I put some Panasonic FC's in my digikey order, and tested one out today. It's been doing it's self-test for about 20 minutes now and looks good.

My tinning still needs work, though. There are some bad spots on the tip now and I'll probably just wind up ordering a few more tips and hopefully get more time out of each one.

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