Sunday, November 9, 2008

more research notes:

Allergies are kicking my butt productivity-wise today, and I haven't properly dove into the AVR tools yet. (never mind that I actually have gcc-avr installed!)


GAL and PAL chips would be quite awesome to use as a hobbyist - but they hide the programming information so you can't just get started by ordering a chip and a cheap programmer at Mouser or Digikey. Which is really too bad, since while CPLD's are much more flexible, you don't always *need* all that stuff. And unlike CPLD's, some come in DIP packages and even support 5v operation.

Assuming the tools aren't too bad, this Lattice CPLD is at least *somewhat* friendly - being a 5v PLCC chip: - but it's $5 and a GAL or PAL can be had for about $1.


Why was I thinking about this? I want to convert to be a SD to SCSI drive. See all those little 74xx chips? It'd be great to be able to actually consolidate them. OTOH, the GAL chips might not have enough drive strength anyway.

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