Friday, November 28, 2008

I snagged some of the stuff on the previous list, but I still don't have a conductive pen/paint. The defogger kits seem to have too little, and the stuff the local electronics shop has is almost too old (it was dated day 225 '07. This stuff has a shelflife of 18 months. Fail.) I might get some of it anyway because it'd mean I could actually get around to building stuff.

One way to do it is to solder small blobs between the copper areas of the perfboard (sometimes filling in to make a straight line.)

Aside from that I got some more soldering in - feeling a tad more practiced. I eventually got the six wires for a dapa cable soldered into a DB-25. My attempt at using a 74LS245 as a buffer hasn't been successful yet. Right now it's running direct-wired, which is considered unsafe, but eh. If everything stays within spec nothing'll get fried, from what I can tell. The voltages and currents supported by each appear to be compatible.

So what next? I think I'm going to turn to the Software side for a short bit - I've got an idea to use the dapa/ISP port as a serial console. Minuino (the absolute most bare-bones Arduino ever) anyone?

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